Helle-Finna: Three tutorial videos

We have published three tutorial videos on how to use the online library. The videos are available in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. They are placed in different sections of the How to use the online library page.

Direct links to the videos:

How to renew your loans https://youtu.be/-ALAg4l2wVI  
How to place a hold on the online library https://youtu.be/m01Dgbol-iE  
How to find you online library card https://youtu.be/OVrBnIAEF9s 

Näin uusit lainasi https://youtu.be/fFC28c2Cwcc 
Näin teet varauksen verkkokirjastossa https://youtu.be/78FVYIcQLFo  
Näin löydät verkkokirjastokortin https://youtu.be/l0QhJjpk5Eg 

Så här förnyar du dina lån https://youtu.be/rO3fI2crrQI  
Så här reserverar du material i nätbiblioteket https://youtu.be/s9BALiepW60  
Så här hittar du ditt bibliotekskort i mobilen https://youtu.be/tXBnGrTCgmw

Mobile library card

Did you know that you can also use a mobile library card to borrow material? It’s also useful if you’ve accidentally left your library card at home.

You can find your mobile library card in the Helle-Finna online library. First log in to the online library with your own login details. Then go to the Your Account section under Library Cards. Your library card details will appear on the page. You can use your library card barcode when borrowing!

Customers of the mobile library: It is now possible to define at which stop you will collect your reservation 

When placing a reservation, it is now possible to define at which stop you will collect your reservation. Do as usual, search for the material you wish to have, log yourself into Helle Finna and make a reservation. There is a new box in the form called Mobile library stop.

There you can write the name of the stop at which you will collect your reservation. By adding the stop to the reservation form you will help the library staff to make sure that your reservation ends up on the bus on the right day and as soon as possible. 

About cookies in Finna

The cookie surveys of Finna services will be updated on November 1. Helle- libraries also use Finna, so the cookie updates also apply to the Helle- Finna online library. In practice, this means that there will be a new cookie bar in the online library, from which the user can manage cookies and get more information about how to use them.

Cookies are divided into several categories. The content can be accepted or blocked separately. For the website to work properly, some essential cookies need to be accepted. By accepting statistical cookies, you allow us to collect anonymous information about your visit for statistical purposes. Some of the embedded material in the online library are only visible if you accept certain cookies.

Cookies are regulated by law (917/2014) in section 205.

Changes in how to log in to PressReader from home 

It is no longer possible to log in to PressReader directly through the page where you can see your loans. Now you need to log in directly on to PressReader. The possibility to log in through your own page was always meant to be a temporary solution until all the Helle-libraries had the possibility to buy the product and we got the right log-in solutions working. Once all this was made possible, we can no longer offer the old way of log-in. 

How to log in: 

Open the PressReader website, www.pressreader.com , click Sign in and then choose the Libraries or Groups option. Next choose from the Select libraries list Library – Helle-libraries and type in your library card number and PIN code. You can also use the PressReader app. More instructions can be found on the e-material page in Helle-Finna. 


We apologize that the change happened without notice.