E-library: Using the app

E-kirjasto app is now available for download.

For Apple devices:
Link to download the app.

For Android devices:
Link to download the app.

Hundreds of e-books and audio books and 60 magazines are available in E-library. More material is being purchased, so new reading and listening material is added every week.
If you have any purchase suggestions, please send them through the feedback section of the app, which you will find under the Settings section.

Note that material in English and in other languages will be added later.

The following issues are still to be fixed in the app:

  • Currently, the app, which can be downloaded for Android devices, requires strong authentication every time you log in. The Android app will also introduce screen-lock login, after which strong authentication will only be required for the first time you login to the app.
  • There may be errors in the language versions of the app, so if you use the app in Finnish, there may be titles in English.
  • There may be an initial delay of a few days in the display of children’s data in the app settings.

There have been problems using some bank IDs. In this case, you should try the following:

  • Try again in a moment.
  • Clear the phone’s cache and restart the phone.
  • Uninstall and reload the app.


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