Helle joins the E-library April 29, 2024

Helle libraries are joining the shared E-library of municipalities that opens on April 29, 2024 (time postponed from previously announced). At first, it offers e-books, audiobooks and digital magazines. Some other resources will be added later.

Initially, the E-Library will only work in an app. An app is developed for both Android and iOS. Later on, a browser version of the E-Library will also be developed.

You register in to the E-library using strong authentication. The customer’s right to use the E-library is determined by whether he or she is a resident of the municipality that has joined the E-library. When a customer changes his/her place of residence, the right to use the E-Library may cease.

Using the E-library is not tied to using a library or a library card, but libraries will help customers log in and provide other advice on how to use the E-library.

As the number of reading rights is limited, you can place a hold on the most popular content. Every week, the continual acquisition of materials increases the content available for reading and listening.

The service is provided by the National Library of Finland in cooperation with public libraries.

More information E-library | Kansalliskirjasto

NB! Helle’s own e-book and audiobook services Biblio and Ellibs will not cease to operate immediately in April. Ellibs will continue until the end of June and Biblio until the end of September.


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