Changes in how to log in to PressReader from home 

It is no longer possible to log in to PressReader directly through the page where you can see your loans. Now you need to log in directly on to PressReader. The possibility to log in through your own page was always meant to be a temporary solution until all the Helle-libraries had the possibility to buy the product and we got the right log-in solutions working. Once all this was made possible, we can no longer offer the old way of log-in. 

How to log in: 

Open the PressReader website, , click Sign in and then choose the Libraries or Groups option. Next choose from the Select libraries list Library – Helle-libraries and type in your library card number and PIN code. You can also use the PressReader app. More instructions can be found on the e-material page in Helle-Finna.

We apologize that the change happened without notice.


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