Library’s summer info

Library’s summer memo 2022

The library turns into a summer mode. Please, see the opening hours at the library home page or at the library.

  1. Take away up to 100 books

You will not run out of reading: library customers can check out as many as 100 loans. On vacation you have time enjoy books, audio books, magazines, movies, games and music. Some libraries lend out even sports equipment and board games.

2. E-loans don’t block your luggage

E-library is open all hours. You can borrow e-books, audio books, music and movies wherever you are, in the city or in the country, at beach or indoors. There is a link to e-resources on our web page.

3. Renew your loans also in the summer

It pays off to renew the loans in the summer, too. It is easy to do from wherever you are. You only need your library card number and pin code to log in to the net library. In your own profile you can see your loans and their due dates and renew them with a couple of clicks. They can be renewed six times if there are no reservations for them. You can also send us an e-mail or call us and ask to renew your loans.

4. Pay online

You can pay all library fines over 2 euros also online. Log in to Helle-Finna, see your fines in your user profile and follow the instructions.

5. Use your virtual library card

The barcode of your library card can be found in your user profile at online library Helle-Finna. You can use it at the self-service machines with a pin code and at the customer service desk with an ID.

6. Rearrange your reservations

You can lock down your reservation for a certain period of time at the online library and activate it again when you’re available. In the meantime you will not lose your position in the queue. If the reservation is already being handled, please contact your library.


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