Magazines and some non-fiction books can not be borrowed at the Porvoo main library

Due to the renovation at the Porvoo main library some books and magazines are temporarily not available.

Some non-fiction books are packed in boxes until at least the end of September, e.g. books on nature, medicine, vehicles, handicraft and cookery. Luckily many of these books are available in other Helle libraries and can be reserved at the online library and transported to Porvoo free of charge.

Older copies of magazines are also packed away but the latest issues of all magazines are still available for browsing and reading at the library. The café is also open with normal opening hours (Mon-Thu 9-16, Fri 9-17).

If you can’t find something at its usual place, please turn to the library staff for help. The library is open with normal opening hours in spite of the renovation.


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